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This video demo is to demonstrate how to fill in the corporate tool box meeting form for manufacturing okay so as far as the corporate tool box meeting forum is concerned what we're using this for is a way to demonstrate that we have a meeting prior to shift starting where the workers have a chance to identify hazards and the supervisors have a chance to point out hazards that workers may come across during their workday so we talk about those and then we document that discussion as well as the date and the time and the location so that we know that those workers have had a chance and we've tried to I guess bring them up to speed safety wise for the day okay okay so the first thing that they're going to do on there is they're going to put in their Department so where do they work so for instance electrical okay then they're going to put down what shop will say 404 then we see the date today and the time that they had the reading so the time would be at six o'clock a.m. okay the next part of this process is to look at the types of things they may be exposed to that day and basically just do a check as to what types of things would be would be going on so are they going to be lifting and handling loads most likely because they're going to be carrying possibly ladders or they're going to be carrying materials or tools and then it gives them a chance to look across at what types of things would be able to control those hazards and an engineered type of control would be using a crane or a forklift if it's to hedrick heavy or an administrative Safe Work practice or procedure so are we basically circling the control no this is just a reminder of what what you want to do yes is that okay then you look and see if there's a risk today with the jobs that are going to be going on for repetitive motion and in the electrical department this is definitely a possibility because they're using different types of hand tools starts slipping and tripping always an issue with the electrical out on the shop floor moving parts of machinery definitely a possibility because they could be using a grinder or they could be using a drill or any types of things working at Heights again definitely possible because of where they might be required to work Jeanie bloom scissor lift not very often for the electrical department so if they were going to be doing that that that day then they would check that off vehicles not very likely and again if they're going to use a vehicle that day than they would check it off fire always a possibility and especially in the electrical department same with electricity electricity lockout tagout are big issues for the electrical department noise always an issue because we're our whole shop floors are required to wear PPE lighting is always an issue temperature is is an issue or it could be talked about if it's in extremes okay so now we move on to the rest of the form which is vibration possible with tools ionizing radiation if they're working...